Friday, March 20, 2009

Having fun with my new blog

Hi everyone!

I went to AWD's Social Media seminar on March 
7th thinking I wasn't going to do "any of that stuff" (great seminar Bruce, thanks for setting it up.) 

Two days later, the light dawned! Yes, I could use the blog to drive visitors to my other sites. Launched a blog with Blogger. Found they striped all the metadata out of images I had uploaded: my copyright, name, contact info. 

Suddenly my images were in public domain with no copyright info/protection (the © you see on the photo is different. It's a visual watermark done in photoshop.)

After a only a week with Blogger I cut my losses. Switched to a Wordpress hosted blog. Bless them, they leave every bit of digital meta in the image file and when uploaded, offer a form for adding more. 

I'm thrilled with my new, new blog and invite you to visit it. You'll find another, bigger, protected version of Fluff Muffin, along with the two other images, all new notecards in my studio and more stuff. Let me know what you think -- comments place is just below each post title. 

I'd be happy to share what little I've learned (so far) about setting up blogs. I'm usually in my studio late afternoons Fri & Sat. Some Thursdays.


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