Monday, February 23, 2009

ICS fundraiser

     For the past five years my son Ben has received services from an agency in Marin called Integrated Community Services or ICS.  Ben has a neuro-genetic developmental disorder called Velo-Cardio Facial Syndrome or VCFS...all god's children got initials!  He's missing a part of chromosome 22 and faces a wide range of challenges.
    ICS helps clients with special needs by providing life skills and job training.  Ben had a one on one coach in his first job - packing bags of food for the homeless at Ritter House in San Rafael.
Since then Ben has joined the ICS movie club and friday bowling group.  If you meet Ben most likely he will ask you, "Seen any good movies lately?"
     The Blue Jean Ball, which is the agency's annual fundraiser, will be held May 2nd.  No donation is too small.  For example, I am thinking of putting together a basket of notecards.  In these lean and mean times if you can see your way to help us out your support would be greatly appreciated.
     Please contact me at AWDT for more information, forms, brochures. etc.
     Deborah Gray, Studio 14

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