Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art Talk this Saturday 2/20

AWD Art Talks  |  2010 Speaker Series
a free educational series for artists of all disciplines

A Conversation Between Artists
Harry Cohen & Richard Kamler

Saturday February 20, 1pm-3pm
at Art Works Downtown: 1337 Fourth St, San Rafael 

Harry Cohen and Richard Kamler are two accomplished artists who approach art from opposite perspectives: Cohen as an “action painter” and Kamler a “socially engaged artist.” See what happens when these distinguished artists sit down and discuss what it means to them to engage, commit and practice their obsession called art.

Moderated by Deborah Phillips

Harry Cohen
Harry Cohen is as he paints: joyful, exuberant, buoyant, colorful, and bright. His studio is a work of art, packed with canvas, color, hanging stabiles and mobiles. At age 85, Harry bounds around his studio without letting the spring in his step deflect the brushstroke he intends.

Action Painting may best define the artistic style of Cohen’s work with one caveat. Action Painting, as commonly defined, stresses the physicality and struggle of the creative process with process valued over the product. Harry’s working style - his process, painting and product - reflects joy, verve, and intelligence; not a struggle but an ebullient and vibrant quest.

Richard Kamler
Long time artist/activist/curator/educator Richard Kamler has been practicing “socially engaged art” since 1976 when he made his first major installation, Out of Holocaust, a full-size reconstructed section of one of the barracks from the Auschwitz Death Camp. Since that time his public installations, sound pieces, actions, events, drawings, sculptures, and public presentations have dealt with a range of various social and environmental considerations and have been exhibited nationally and internationally in a wide variety of venues, from museums to prisons.

Kamler has received numerous awards for his work, including fellowships, grants and awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council as well as many Artist-in-Residence programs such as spending 9 months in Petersburg, Baranof Island, Alaska doing “landscape installations” and 2 years as Artist-in-Resident in San Quentin Prison.

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