Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Artist Commission for a Drawing!

passing along for a friend:

Artist Commission for a Drawing!

Dear Artists,
I have a co-worker who would like to commission an artist to do an 11 x 14" realistic charcole drawing of the picture below of his kids.
This drawing is a birthday gift and would have to be completed within 3 weeks and mailed to Boston (which I would do for you). His budget is around $200 but could go higher. I'm not very familiar with what pricing should be for a charcole of this size, so please give me honest feedback.
Please let me know right away if you are interested!
Also, I am looking for a series of 3-4 pieces for a corporate cafe. The art must be in a series, be appropriate for a corporation and look good against a red wall, and square format is preferred. The budget is small, only $800-$1000, so I expect the art to be copies of originals. The company will frame the work.
Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you! And please forward to any artist friends that you think may be interested.
Best regards,
Karen Gutfreund

Rick's Kids

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