Monday, June 29, 2009

Wild on the West End!

As the wild west end of 4th St., in beautiful downtown San Rafael, continues to beautify and gentrify I will be substitute teaching at the Yoga Source located at 1570 near the corner of F St. The Yoga Source is a gem of a yoga studio. It's beautiful, it's comfortable and the classes are reasonably priced. Plus all the materials are on hand - mats, cushions, blankets, etc.
I will be teaching an introductory set of Kundalini Yoga and a beginning class of a meditation practice called San Nam Rasayan. The cost is $15 and I will be there this thurs 7/1, sat 7/4 and the following thurs 7/9. As my Yoga teacher once said, "If you can relax it, you can heal it!"

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